Can I Get a Custom Dieline Before I Place an Order?

Does Fantastapack offer free custom dielines or templates prior to ordering?

We can send you a dieline pre-order, but ideally, you should place an order on our website, and then the dieline will be sent to you via email (within 10 minutes). Your order will remain on hold until we receive your uploaded artwork on the dieline. This is the best method as it guarantees the dieline will match your order and avoids problems. The order will remain in pending status indefinitely, so don't worry about something getting lost.

To receive a custom dieline, send an email or chat request to You will need to include the following information: 

  • Box style (e.g. REFT with dust flaps, Regular Slotted Container, Shoe Box, etc.)
  • Box dimensions (Length x Width x Depth)
  • Print option (Outside Dieline, Outside and Inside Dieline, Inside Only dieline)

Dielines typically take 10-15 minutes to generate upon receiving your dieline request.

Mismatched dielines are the #1 reason for delays in production time on custom orders. While we send pre-order dieline requests as a courtesy, we are not responsible for any order issues that occur if your order is placed using different box styles or dimensions. The pre-order dieline is unique to the box style and dimensions you provide. However, if you do choose to change the dimensions at the time you place your order, you must reapply your artwork to the new order dieline that is sent to you via email after your order is placed.

Feel free to email us at for your free custom dieline.