Can I Print White Ink on My Box?

For our custom corrugated boxes, we do not offer white ink.

Our digital print supports the CMYK color spectrum. If you have white in your design, please choose Standard White, Premium White, Premium White with a Gloss Finish, or one of our PurePrint materials as your base material, so wherever you have white in your design, there will be no applied ink, and the white of the box will actually show (see picture below). 

Premium White with Gloss Finish: If you choose this material finish, please note that there will be no glossy effect where there is no ink in your design.

 White ink on kraft box

Choosing Kraft Material When You Have White In Your Design

Kraft material is great for giving a rusty, natural look to your design. If you have white in your design, however, you cannot choose Kraft as your box material.

An alternative method to replicate the look of white ink on a kraft box that you may consider is to purchase a white box instead and simulate the Kraft material by placing an image of Kraft material as a background image in your artwork file, as seen above. To see a sample of this print method first-hand, consider ordering a sample of your box (order quantity of 1-4) before placing a full production order. 

Also, note that light colors/pastels are very faded or change tones altogether on Kraft.