I Need Help With My Artwork or Placing It on My Fantastapack Dieline

I need help creating a packaging design for my brand. Can Fantastapack help me with my artwork and/or place images on my dieline?

Fantastapack is a web-to-print manufacturer. Our Customer Success team offers very limited artistic help or advice, and we do not create or place your design on your dieline. If you are unsure about your design or how it is placed on your dieline, you can place a sample order or work with a professional designer.

If you need professional graphic design help, we recommend working with a professional graphic designer. While there are many resources for this service available online, finding a designer with packaging experience will help ensure a positive outcome for your project.

If you have any questions about pre-press services once your artwork is submitted, please contact our Customer Success team at support@fantastapack.com.