What Material Finishes Can I Choose for My Custom Box?

What material finishes can I choose from for my custom box?

Standard White (also referred to as mottled white) is the everyday white corrugated material used for packaging. Standard White has a slight variation in whiteness if you look closely. This standard grade has white outside liners and Kraft flute. Our Standard White material is white inside and out for no extra cost.

Premium White with a Gloss Ink Finish is a process where ink is cured to appear more glossy than a traditional matte finish. It is only available on Premium White. Your art will stand out from the others with this type of material: make your box shine with a glossy finish!

Please note: There will be no gloss effect in any place that does not have ink in your artwork.

Kraft material brings a certain 'crafty' look (in a great way) to your projects. Consider the color and type of material being printed as color results will vary depending on the color and texture of the board used to make your product. Color printed on Kraft board looks different than color printed on regular white or premium whiteboard.

Please note: We cannot print white colors on Kraft. We print digitally in CMYK colors, which cannot produce the color white. If your artwork relies on using white in your design, you must select a white material for your box. To achieve a white ink effect on a Kraft box, select Standard White material and include a simulated Kraft pattern in your artwork (available in our free Art Studio online graphics editor).

Light or pastel colors on Kraft will look faded or even appear as a different hue. This is because Kraft has no coating (unlike Standard White or Premium White) and the inks will saturate into the Kraft material to some degree rather than sitting on top of the material. This impacts the brightness and hue of the colors.

PurePrint Materials Collection

We are excited to announce the launch of the PurePrint Materials Collection — our new high-end materials and print combination, available exclusively on Fantastapack.

PurePrint Premium™ combines our brightest white material with our best print quality to deliver vivid, full-color impact and high-end results, using environmentally-safe True Water-Based Inks.

PurePrint Matte™ is an understated yet impactful, pairing a mottled white material with our best print quality to deliver a luxurious shine-free look using environmentally-safe True Water-Based Inks.

The PurePrint Materials Collection leverages a unique corrugated material specifically designed for digital print and combines it with the printing power of the HP PageWide C500 digital press. The C500 press uses true water-based, environmentally-safe inks which comply with even the most stringent global food safety regulations, including Nestlé Guidance and Swiss Ordinance. Because of this, the PurePrint Materials Collection is one of the safest print options for sensitive packaging applications, such as food and beverage, beauty, pet, and children’s products. Read more here.

You also have the option to choose PurePrint Premium™ with Kraft or PurePrint Matte™ with Kraft. Leverage the vivid, full-color impact of our PurePrint Materials Collection on the outside, and the natural appearance of Kraft on the inside of your box. Both material options use True Water-Based Inks for an environmentally-safe print option.