What Are My Options for Creating Custom Artwork for My Fantastapack Order?

Need help customizing your box with our free online editor tool, Art Studio, or using Adobe® Illustrator for your box design?

For box orders, Fantastapack offers two options to create your custom artwork:

1. Art Studio by Fantastapack

Art Studio is a tool for Fantastapack customers designed to simplify your packaging design process. Art Studio enables you to build your own custom artwork online as part of your packaging purchase process. 

Art Studio empowers you to upload your own custom print-ready artwork files, such as your logo, for use when creating your custom box design or the ability to choose from a library of pre-loaded icons and graphics.

My Graphics allows you to upload your own print-ready art files and add them to your box. To upload your files, select “Choose Graphic.” In the dialogue box that opens, navigate to the desired art file on your computer and upload it. Your file will now appear in the My Graphics tool. Simply drag and drop your file onto the canvas to add it to your box.

Standard Graphics provides a library of ready-to-use images and icons, including social media, shipping icons, holiday-themed icons, and more. Click into the image folder of your choice to view all of the pre-loaded icons available to choose from. Once you’ve found just the right graphic, click to drag and drop your icon onto the canvas to add it to your box.

2. Adobe® Illustrator

If you would prefer to engage a professional designer to create your custom box artwork or do it yourself, you (or your designer) can place your artwork onto your Fantastapack dieline using Adobe® Illustrator. Your dieline is emailed to you once you place your order. 

Whether you are using Art Studio or Adobe® Illustrator, make sure to follow all of our artwork guidelines.

For label orders, you will need to use Adobe® Illustrator or a professional designer at this time, as Art Studio is only available for custom boxes.

Why Can’t I Use Adobe® Photoshop to Design My Boxes?

Fantastapack's print process uses the technical colors present in the dieline to properly print and produce each box. Fantastapack requires these technical colors to overprint, and Photoshop cannot retain these properties in the same way Illustrator does. Essentially Fantastapack's entire system is built around using a vector-based PDF.

Secondly, Illustrator is a vector-based application meaning lines, shapes, solid colors, and is scalable without loss of quality. Vector objects will print sharper, create smaller files, and are easier to process.

Photoshop is a raster-based application, and it uses individual pixels to create images. These pixels are bound by resolution, which is often misunderstood. Pixel-based images, especially text, will tend to appear less sharp. Ever try to enlarge an image from the internet? A file built in a low resolution will appear blurry and pixelated.

Lastly, Illustrator is better suited to creating print-ready files because of the versatility of the application. Photoshop is solely designed to manipulate and edit photos. Illustrator was built to allow for a variety of objects, text, drawings, or images to be created in a native PDF environment.