What is the Pre-Press Inspection Process?

Can you check my artwork once my order is placed? What if I have uploaded the wrong artwork to my order?

Fantastapack is a web-to-print custom box manufacturer. We are a one-stop shop for DIY custom-printed boxes and labels to fit your size and style.

After your artwork is uploaded using either Art Studio, our online graphics editor, or manual upload, our automated pre-press process will inspect the provided artwork to ensure there are no technical issues that will stop the project.

Common reasons for our automated system to reject your artwork include: flattening the dieline layer into the artwork layer, the inclusion of Pantone spot colors, rotating the dieline layer from its original position, or missing artwork bleeds.

This is not an aesthetic assessment of your artwork. We are able to catch errors from the majority of our Fantastapack orders (orientation errors, color issues, etc.), but by placing an order and uploading your artwork, you acknowledge that you have proofed your artwork for copy (misspellings, word spacing, etc.) images (size, orientation, resolution, etc.), and composition, and acknowledge that your file meets the artwork guidelines provided by Fantastapack.

If you are unsure your artwork is ready to print, we recommend placing a sample order or contacting a professional graphics designer to review or place your artwork on your dieline.

For more information on how to properly set up your artwork for our automated system, please refer to the Fantastapack Artwork Guidelines, or follow our step-by-step guide for working in Adobe Illustrator. 

What if I Uploaded the Wrong Artwork to My Order?

Because all of our orders are custom, once an order goes to print, we are unable to change the artwork. However, if you realize this within 24 hours of placing your order, there is a chance your order has not gone to print, and we are able to cancel it so you can get a full refund and replace it with the correct or revised artwork.

Please be sure to include your Fantastapack Order Number (FP-####) when you contact us with any questions regarding your artwork.